While playing through ME2’s The Arrival DLC yesterday, I noticed these blood splatters inside one of the rooms of the batarian prison on Aratoht.

[SPOILERS]The details are vague but I recall in one of the research logs that some of the other prisoners under Kenson’s command were too disoriented to answer any of their questions, and from the looks of things it sounds like she became the only survivor. This Reaper-shaped bloodstain appears to be a sign of things to come, considering how later in the campaign, Shepard finds out that Kenson and all of her people have been indoctrinated somehow…or it could be interpreted as the result of just one of many victims unable to withstand the Reaper artifact’s powers.[/SPOILERS]

But I’m very impressed! This level of detail as a hint towards what’s to come is one of the many reasons why I’m looking forward to Mass Effect 3 all the more. Thank you, BioWare, for making me even more anxious/excited about the Reaper invasion than I already am.

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Artist: Dragon Age 2
Trackname: Poop Deck
Album: Dragon Age 2 Mark of the Assasin DLC


CARVER: Look at these guys. “Arr. Would yer like me to swab yer poop deck, matey?”

Reason number 2635489617 why I absolutely adore Carver. XD

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Artist: Dragon Age 2
Trackname: Lord Full-of-Shit
Album: Mark of the Assassin DLC Dialogue/Banter


GARRETT: Aveline, my bulbous cherub, you must hear the droning of Lord Full-of-Shit.

(MotA Clip)

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Anders: More Deep Roads…. Why did we agree to do this again?
Varric: Because I love trouble, and you think Hawke is cute. That wasn’t a serious question, was it, blondie?
Anders: She is pretty cute. 

Tallis: The jewel we’re after is called the Heart of the Many.

Hawke: Interesting name.

Tallis: Interesting jewel. All I care about is getting it away from the duke. Here’s the problem: the Heart is in a vault, behind who knows what kind of traps. Protected by a private army of Orlesian chevaliers. All inside a fortress that was designed to be impregnable. And let’s not forget, it’s on the side of a mountain. In the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by monsters.

“Coming in today’s PlayStation Store update to Uncharted 3 is the Fort Co-Op adventure DLC. Did some of you guess that from our screenshot hint? Fort Co-Op Adventure will mark the first time in the series you’ll be able to play co-op as the UNCHARTED villains with Zoran Lazarević, Eddy Raja, Harry Flynn joining forces in a tale that further explores the mystery behind the Janus head statue from the on-disc co-op adventure. Check out a preview of that adventure here.” []

- Uncharted 3 Fort Co-Op Adventure Trailer

WELP! Guess I know what I’m spending the remainder of my PSN money on.

Tallis - Dragon Age Redemption/Dragon Age II Mark of the Assassin


Best rescue team ever.